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Shishou Gundan (師匠軍団)

This section is about research I did in 2011 about Shishou Gundan, which is a group that continues to make choreography for the clubs.

At Twinstar, there were five people that were regularly called these names:

Gori Shishou [ゴリ師匠], Arai Shishou [新井師匠], Morita Shishou [堀田師匠], Haru Shishou [ハル師匠], and Yan Shishou [ヤン師匠]

Their real names in that order are:

Keita Fukaya, Takashi Arai, Taisuke Hotta, Haruki Takahashi, ???

All of them appear in the Twinstar club videos at least once.

Gori Shishou and Haru Shishou choreographed a lot of PPP routines and Euro パラパラ HOW 1 and 2.

Arai Shishou and Morita Shishou choreographed Euro パラパラ HOW 3 and 4.

[In Japanese] Shishou Members Research

As of 2011, according to Banchou, only Banchou, Inocchi, and Ryohei are members of Shishou Gundan.