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What is ParaPara?

ParaPara is a form of Japanese club dancing with your hands that is danced to a genre of music called Eurobeat. It is mainly danced in the clubs and discos in Japan, but people in other countries often start their own groups and dance with locals. Depending on the lyrical contents and song melody, one is able to learn different choreography. Although there are thousands of routines, not every Eurobeat song has a ParaPara routine, however. In the clubs, because one is in a circle, it is possible to learn by watching others by doing ManePara [真似パラ], even if one does not remember the routine.

How To Learn ParaPara?

One can:

1. Buy a commercial DVD or VHS and learn the routines from them.

2. Learn from friends that already dance ParaPara.

3. Learn from any ParaPara Event or Circle DVDs that you can get your hands on.