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Parapara Open Source Project (パラパラオープンソースプロジェクト) [PPOSP]


This project's purpose is to make parapara club videos or other rare videos more accessible to the public.


Tiger (Leader)

Reomaru (Member)

DM Ashura (Member)


Before this project, it was very difficult to get club videos. There were many video hoarders who would only give them to certain people they called "friends." I had almost no parapara friends who were willing to send me videos. Not many other people did either. Can you imagine how hard it would be for a beginner to get parapara videos? It was extremely hard back then. Before 2009, I didn't even know Japanese so it was next to impossible to get club videos because you could not talk to the Japanese that had them. Because of the lack of video availability, it is no surprise that it is so difficult to start a new parapara boom in Japan. Parapara should not be about who you know, but what you can know. How else can you learn?

People who wanted to monetize off of this video hoarding placed DVD copies of videos on auction sites like Yahoo Japan and mbok. They would charge as much as 5000 yen or more for one series, depending on the rarity and how large the series was, with XENON and JOY being the most expensive. This and receiving videos from friends were the only two ways to get club videos. So, club videos were "closed source" meaning the sources for routines featured on videos like Twinstar, SEF, and Starfire were not accessible to the public. This selling of club videos doesn't happen much today as it did in 2008-2009, but it still exists today.

Personally, obtaining club videos for me was very frustrating. The last rare club videos I obtained as of writing was in December 2011. It is now May 29th, 2013. No one should have to wait for videos that long. During that timeframe and even before 2011, I always received the lamest excuses like "I'm too busy" or "I don't have a DVD burner." I even offered to buy that person a DVD Burner and he still would not respond to me. I also traded some videos before in 2011 to another person, sent him my address, and he still hasn't sent the videos. No one should have to buy or trade club videos to see them. No one should have to wait that long to receive videos either. Knowledge should be free. Video hoarding is wrong.

Since it was so difficult to get these videos and costly, I went along with this mentality of not sharing. It wasn't until my second to last semester in college that I realized that this was wrong. I met someone that taught me so much and changed my opinions about many things. He introduced me to open source projects like AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and other custom ROM projects. I realized that open source projects are the only way that I'm going to learn new things. I don't have to wait for big projects to program, but can program any time I want to and help people out. Throughout the course of the semester, said person helped me out a lot too. He doesn't even know I do ParaPara, so he did not tell me to do this project if you are wondering. I also realized that you need to make sacrifices in life to help other people. I want to help people like my friend helped me. If it were not for him, I might not have ever started this project.


While the project may never be "finished", May was the time that I uploaded the most. I would be rendering while awake and uploading 24/7. The reasons that I chose to do this project on YouTube are that YouTube has unlimited cloud storage and it is an international website. I can upload almost file size I want to without having to pay like Nico Nico Douga. Also, YouTube is visited by everyone, not just Japanese visitors. Of course, I could've made a torrent, but it would be too large (350GB+ easy). I also could've made an FTP Server, but I don't have a computer that stays on all of the time like a desktop anymore. So, I can store the data on YouTube for free. Now, if PPOSP is ever taken off YouTube, I guess I will have to do something like an FTP server or reupload all of the files somewhere else.

Project Contents

Currently, this project contains videos from XENON, TWINSTAR, STARFIRE, DISCO PIRATE's, ARX, AREA, AQUA DIVE, 9LOVEJ, DAINIHONITANGEISHA, HYPER KOKOKU MISSION, SEF MACH, SEF GOLD, DYNAMITE RAVE, JOY, MARIA CLUB, JACK & BETTY, CLUB JAH, TECHPARA SHOT GUN, TECHPARA STADIUM, and many others. I'm not going to list all of the videos as they change often. There are more than 350 videos on the YouTube channel. The Xenon playlist is 15 hours long, while the AREA playlist is 17 hours. It would take weeks, possibly a few months, to watch all of the videos on my channel since some are quite long with some being over an hour in length.

Project Misconceptions

I am not trying to become famous. It is nice if that happens, but I don't care because being famous in parapara only nets you a few Facebook friends and Twitter followers. You won't get paid to go to Japan and dance the night away or appear in a club video. You also won't get a job doing parapara not matter how famous you are as one cannot dance it professionally anymore. It is also a misconception that I am breaking friends' trust by doing this project. This is not true as I did not obtain most of these videos from friends.

After the Project

I truly hope that everyone watches these videos and learns the routines that were kept away from video hoarders all of these years. I might not be able to trade videos that much after this project, but I hated all of that anyway. Some videos are rarer than others, which was never taken into account, so I never understood it. I also hope more people are able to get into maniac and wangan (湾岸) routines because I believe that they are not played enough. Life is what you make of it. You only live it once. Do something that will change people's lives, rather than helping yourself all of the time.

Club Event Set Lists

Note: Please cite me as a source if you use any files in any form like linking.

Also, I do not guarantee complete accuracy in the order of songs played at these club events. Some are not even full lists.

Club Event Set Lists
B-1 7-13-11 stream
B-1 7-20-11 stream
B-1 7-27-11 stream
Starfire 7-30-11 stream
B-1 8-3-11 stream
B-1 8-10-11 stream
B-1 8-17-11 stream
B-1 8-24-11 stream
Starfire 8-27-11 stream
B-1 8-31-11 stream
B-1 9-7-11 stream
B-1 9-14-11 stream
B-1 9-21-11 stream
Starfire 9-25-11 stream
B-1 9-28-11 stream
B-1 10-5-11 stream
B-1 10-12-11 stream
B-1 10-26-11 stream
Starfire 10-30-11 stream
B-1 11-9-11 stream
B-1 11-16-11 stream
B-1 11-23-11 stream
Starfire 11-27-11 stream
B-1 12-7-11 stream
JOY 12-10-11 azitfusa stream
B-1 12-30-11 stream
Ravenous (ラビナス) 1-15-12
Starfire 1-28-12 stream
Ichinomiya Eternity 2-5-12
Shizuoka Para-ri (静岡パラーリ) 2011-11-13 湾岸~

Note: Inspiration Choreography List is not complete yet.

Inspiration Choreography List
ParaPara Paradise Choreography List
Shishou Gundan [師匠軍団]