ParaPara Hi-BPM Eurobeat 4
1Pretty Pretty CatT.I.M
2Down LoverSabota
3Dancing With The Devil???
4Crazy Love, Crazy YouT.I.M前橋 King & Queen Para Para Action 7
Eurobeat Techno Maniac
ParaPara Maniac Vol. 2.1
鳥取 Eleven Para Para Paradise Vol. 1
岐阜 Inspiration Vol. 8
5Private LessonDionisius
6My Name Is CinderellaXailu-J9LoveJ Happy Friday 完結編
8Rainbow Dream???
9Strobe Dancing???
10Ninja WomanT.I.MXenon 16
前橋 King & Queen (Old) 3
小山 Prism 3
名古屋 Dion 2
Kumiko With Super Kittys Vol. 13
白馬 Maharaja Vol. 7
祇園 Maharaja Vol. 6
Xenon Zero 03
Xenon Zero 00
Jack & Betty (Old) 1
Star Fire ParaPara Video 2
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 12
Twinstar ParaPara Summit 2
Area 11
Area 12
11Para Para Exercise Nonstop MixVarious Artists