Ultra ParaPara Dance
1Santa Maria (Dynamite Euro Mix)TatjanaUltra ParaPara Dance ~Premium Video~
takaビ Vol. 1
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 16
三重 Arc Collection Vol. 1
大阪 Ash Para Flush!!! Vol. 3
大阪 Ash Para Flush!!! Vol. 1
京都 Twinkle
踊る MAHARAJah Vol. 1
松本 Zeuse NCS ParaPara Summit Vol. 0
倉敷 Club Teruteru Vol. 18
天童 メガトン Vol. 1
25,6,7,8 (Euro Step Mix)Steps
3Oh My Darling (Eurobeat Mix)Bobby Summer9LoveJ Collection 5
Club Jah ユーロの塊 Vol. 1t
静岡 Beam Vol. 1
広島 B.B. Parapara Ver. 0
仙台 Alta ParaPara East Vol. 2
4Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) (Euro Wake-Up Mix)Vengaboys
5I Will Fly (Euro Turbo Mix)Cat
6Never Fall In Love (Euro Energy Mix)Dany L.Ultra ParaPara Dance ~Premium Video~
Neo Dance Stadium 3
7Make It On My Own (Euro No.1 Mix)Mylin
8Crazy (Euro Spice Mix)Mylin
9Più Bella Cosa (Euro Passion Mix)Jacynthe
10Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Eurobeat Mix)Nicki French
11My Name Is Supergirl (Super Euro Mix)SupergirlUltra ParaPara Dance ~Premium Video~
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 16
takaビ Vol. 1
福岡 Zoom Clubber's Groove Vol. 9
いわき 湯煙 湯煙☆全星達 Vol. 1
12Without U (Heartbeat Euro Mix)Lauren TaylorHappy Groove Vol. 2
13Saturday Night (Euro Boogie Mix)WhigfieldUltra ParaPara Dance ~Premium Video~
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 16
14Summerlove (Season Euro Mix)S-Connection feat. Anabelle
15No Good For Me (Sunshine & Happiness Euro Mix)Linnèa Handberg
16Sky High (Euro Type Mix)NewtonParaPara Paradise 3
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 21
鈴鹿 Rush Vol. 8
17Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You (Euro Pop Mix)Jon OtisUltra ParaPara Dance ~Premium Video~
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 16
踊る MAHARAJah Vol. 3
18Keep On Pumping (Twin Sister Euro Mix)A.T.T.
19Everybody Jump Around (American Cavalry Euro Mix)Clock
20In Rain And Sunshine (Latin Affair Euro Mix)AiUltra ParaPara Dance ~Premium Video~
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 16
踊る MAHARAJah Vol. 3
21Shalala Lala (Eurobeat Mix)Vengaboys伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 44
Boom Boom Bazooka 9
22Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Eurobeat Mix)VengaboysMedusa Para Para Video Vol. 4
Super TMD 19
Neo Dance Stadium 2