Super Eurobeat 112
1Fun Fun PharaohKing & Queen岡山 Eleven 11
takaビ Vol. 1
コスパラ 2000 Vol. 9
豊橋 Neo Hyper ParaPara Rave Vol. 3
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 19
Euro Town Revolution 20
Axos Beat Fire Night X'mas Special Edition
大阪 Sam & Dave 2 Shall We Dance? Vol. 4
Medusa ParaPara Islands 牛タン Special
2Kiss Me GoodbyeMichael BeatSuper TMD 08
Euro Town Revolution 18
3I Will Take You HigherJazEuro Town Revolution 10
4HeavenDave Simon feat. Symbol静岡 Elgiza Majest 3
Euro Town Revolution 16
長崎 ParaPara Fantasy 2nd Collection
福井 Club Heaven SP Summer Edit
岐阜 Inspiration Vol. 7
5Spin Me RoundKarina岐阜 Inspiration Vol. 5
岐阜 Inspiration 特別編
6Crazy NightBoys BandEuro Town Revolution 17
7Ah L'AmourSophie
8Move YourselfDerreck Simons岐阜 Eternity 第三幕
9Fast LoveMike WestSuper TMD 08
福山 H.H.P Vol. 3
Euro Town Revolution 11
10Bye Bye GoodbyeCherrySuper TMD 14
11Stay With MeAlexis
12Baby Gigolo'PriscillaEuro Town Revolution 18
盛岡 Kayapara Night Hyper Vol. 3
道玄坂 3
13Faith And DesireTime ForceSuper TMD 14
14Made In HeavenKaren岐阜 Eternity 第一幕
15Rock Of The NationMad MaxSuper TMD 07
Euro Town Revolution 13
16The Year Of The DragonPowerful T.Super TMD 08
Pirika House 裏PIRIKA
大阪 Ash Para Flush!!! Vol. 2
Medusa ParaPara Islands 牛タン Special
17Red Hot ZipDave & DominoClub Jah T-Box Vol. 1
豊橋 Neo Hyper ParaPara Rave Vol. 2
福井 Club Heaven SP Vol. 1
新潟 Alive T-RREX
大阪 Ash Para Flush!!! Vol. 3
ParaPara Paradise 2
18In The Wind (Eurobeat Mix)V6Super TMD 18