Super Eurobeat 166
1Shock OutFastwayザ☆ミーハー 特別編
Neo SEN N-3
パラれる World Vol. 15
Starfire VI
DISCO NRG ~A Hyper Noma Night~ Vol. 1
2DominoAlvinPandora Box Vol. 8
Neo SEN N-3
パラれる World Vol. 16
3DestinyCandy Taylor
4Take Care Of My HeartBrian Ice
5Forever Love MeSymbolPandora Box Vol. 8
6I Need Somebody To LoveKelly T.ザ☆ミーハー 12 Red Sapphire
7Now And ForeverValery ScottAxos Beat Fire Night Immortality
Neo SEN N-4
SEF Gold 009 ~velfarre 12th Anniversary The Legend~
俄然パラパラ学園 特別限定編
8Love Is Like A FightMark Gillan
9Burning HighwayMel Roseザ☆ミーハー 07
10Who's Making LoveLou Lou Marina
11Lay Your Love On MeMelissa White
12King Of ChinatownNeoEuro Town Paradise Vol. 002
ParaPa Rush!!
13The Night Is PartyBaby GoldEuro Town Paradise Vol. 002
14Stop Loving YouLeila
15Summer, Spring And FallSara
16Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)Cherryザ☆ミーハー 07
17Black U.F.O.LupinCospara 2007 Vol. 4
Neo SEN N-2
パラれる World Vol. 15
9LoveJ Story Vol. 5
俄然パラパラ!! presents D-1祭
18Ring Of FireDave Rodgers feat. Kiko Loureiro