Super Eurobeat 206
1Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (Eurobeat Remix)AAANeo SEN N-17
パラれる World Vol. 48
2Freedom RideThe SnakeSEF DX 008
Neo SEN N-17
彦根 Cafe Kenya 真性ちゃらパラ Vol. 1
YuriXScotty Vol. 9
3It's Like A FireKaioh
4Screaming Out The PowerLouise
5On The Top AgainGarcon
6I'll Remember Why I Love YouNathalie
7Louder & FasterPowerful T.
8Flash & LoveMomo
9Hard To Say I'm SorryMichelle Rose
10In My ArmsKate ProjectNeo SEN N-17
11Me & YouAce
12Labyrinth Of LoveAleky
13Boy Meets Girl (GoGo Mix)TRF
14Music For The People (Rock Mix)Dave Rodgers