Super Eurobeat 219 Non-Stop Mega Mix
1Up & Dance, Up & GoLou MasterNeo SEN N-18
SEF DX 010
3Flying Over The SkyJungle Bill
4Every Heart Wanna FlyIreneNeo SEN N-19
Starfire XXII
5Rock My HeartRoberta
6Bye Bye GirlVirginelle
7Feel The MagicSally
8Dance Dance Let You GoOceania
9Don't Forget To Love MeEmmanuelle
10Dance Boom BoomTipsy & Tipsy
11Hello KittyAlixNeo SEN N-18
12My MelodyAnnie Love
13Little Twin StarsAleky
14Don't Cry TonightCiao Ciao
15Touch MeNikita Jr.
16You're AmazingNorma Sheffield
17Sun FireDave & Futura
18RocketmanMega NRG Man
19On Your WingsRich Hard
20The End Of The WorldDream FightersNeo SEN N-19
Starfire XXIV
21The Dark Side Of Your MoonDee Dee
22Forget My HeartMarica
23RainMistikaNeo SEN N-19
SEF DX 010
24Crazy On EmotionAceNeo SEN N-18
Starfire XXII
25In My SupercarNando
26No Money No HoneyCy-Ro
27The TopKen BlastNeo SEN N-19
Starfire XXII
28Ministry Of PowerFastwayNeo SEN N-18
SEF DX 010