Super Eurobeat 224
1Just Say YeahKaiohNeo SEN N-22
SEF DX 013
2Stay With YouStephy Martin
3Fly MagicJagerNeo SEN N-23
Starfire XXVII -b-nation 2013-
4In The Rhythm Of The NightCindy
5Dancing On The StreetDavid DimaNeo SEN N-22
Starfire XXXIII -The White-
7PrayerDucky Chix
8Say Say SayAnnalise
9DreamersPaul HarrisNeo SEN N-22
Starfire XXVII -b-nation 2013-
10Do You Believe In LoveNorma Sheffield
11Radio LoveIsabelle
12GoldgingerNick Turbo
13Pull The TriggerBonStarfire XXVII -b-nation 2013-
14Higher Higher More And MoreBliss
15The Element Of FireFastway