Super Eurobeat 242
1Love Love LoveFastwayNeo SEN G-29
SEF DX 017
2Under The Power Of My HeartTipsy & TipsyStarfire XXXV -The Gray-
Neo SEN G-30
3Break Into The MusicDave RodgersNeo SEN G-30
4Gojira Comes AgainChaiNeo SEN G-30
SEF DX 018
5I'm Not DreamingPamsyNeo SEN G-30
SEF DX 017
6Ring My BellsJ-StarkNeo SEN G-30
7Furious ThunderClaudia Vip
8Fall In LoveNorma Sheffield
9Love ComesPaul Harris
10Really Love YaNathalie
11Oh My GoshManuel
12Free Into The SkyStephy MartinNeo SEN G-31
Starfire XXXV -The Gray-
13Dollars GoLucky Boy
14Love Is In The AirNuage
15All Time HighHotbladeStarfire XXXV -The Gray-
Neo SEN G-30