Super Eurobeat 016
1Bad LoveAnnaliseXenon 14
Ronde Club Halloween Special 上巻
横浜 Maharaja Para Para Night Vol. 4 -Special Edition-
前橋 King & Queen DJ Snoopy's Best
Neo ParaPara World 湾岸編
Kumiko With Super Kittys Vol. 13
岐阜 G-Groove パラ通 Vol. 4
Jack & Betty Special Edition SEB100 ParaPara
S+E=X Vol. 3
2Touch MeJilly大黒 Super Euro Night Vol. 01 〜前編〜
湾岸王 Special
Ronde Club Halloween Special 下巻
前橋 King & Queen DJ Snoopy's Best
金沢 King & Queen 1
3Black NightEdo
4Listen To Your HeartPatrick Hoolley
5En.Er.GyNRG Boys
6Your FreedomDomino
7Don't Forget It I Love YouGino Caria
8FamilyQueen Of Times
9Day By DayGroove Twins
10Baby Baby BabyGina
11Rock And RollThe Big Brother
12Are You Ready (I.S.D Mix)Toby AshNeo ParaPara World 湾岸編