Super Eurobeat 017
1Dance GirlRobert Stone湾岸王 Special
2Bad Love (Frontline-Maharaja Mix)Annalise
3Tokyo NightK.L. Jones
4Hot ConfessionDomino
5SometimesNorma Sheffield伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 23
道玄坂 3
大黒 Super Euro Night 4
6Dance Around The TotemRed Skins
7Up And DownVirginelle岐阜 G-Groove パラ通 Vol. 4
8Never Let You Say GoodbyeValentina
9Holy NightMichelle湾岸王 Special
Super TMD 08
10It's Right (Maxi Version)Debby Jason
11Don't GoSilver湾岸王 Special
12Open Your HeartMorena岐阜 G-Groove パラ通 Vol. 4
湾岸王 Special
金沢 King & Queen 1