That's Eurobeat 03
1Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)Paul Lekakis湾岸道 Vol. 1 関東湾岸伝説
山梨 MD2 Vol. 2
名古屋 Club Gaia Vol. 4
First & Final
2I Was Made For Lovin' YouThe Nasty Boys
3Born To Be AliveMark Jefferis
4I Love My RadioTaffy
5Laser LightLatin Lover湾岸道 Vol. 4
6Don't Let GoTasha
7Fire On The MoonAleph彦根 Cafe Kenya ちゃらパラ Vol. 4
山口 Club Discotheque Mania TNS Vol. 1
Dynamite Rave 9
8Love In SiberiaLaban