That's Eurobeat 21
1SamuraiF.C.F.Ronde Club Halloween Special 上巻
湾岸道 Vol. 1 関東湾岸伝説
前橋 King & Queen DJ Snoopy's Best
彦根 Cafe Kenya Stinger Vol. 5
名古屋 Club Gaia Vol. 2
名古屋 Club Gaia Vol. 4
Eric Ross 2
2Touch Me, Feel Me, Kiss Me (Mix Version)Gipsy & Queen
3Make My Heart BeatAndrea
4Rock & RollMalcolm J. Hill
5Baby, I Love Your WayLilac
6That's LoveRicky Davies
7Take Me UpCindy
8Party TimeThe Asia Gang
9Gunfire (Last Version)F.C.F.
10Love And Fantasy (Last Version)Eskimo
11Every Little Time (Last Version)Jenny Kee
12One Day (Last Version)Superlove
13Just A Lover (Last Version)Gary Cooper
14Open Your Eyes (Last Version)Laurie
15Stay With Me (Last Version)Mike Hazzard
16Macho Man (Last Version)Mister Black