That's Eurobeat 35
1Your CompanyDoctor Groove
2Can You Do It ForeverVirgin湾岸王 Special
Ronde Club Halloween Special 上巻
道玄坂 1
3Dai Dai DaiMark Farina
4Dancing TogetherMister Black
5I'll Be With YouMela
6Every NightEskimo
7Shine A Little LoveLes Blue Belles
8I Need Your Love TonightPhil & Stan
9Tell Me Why (Instrumental)Susan Spago
10I Got You (Instrumental)Ricky Davies
11Your Heart BeatSweet 'N' Sour
12Waiting For You (Radio Version)Wiki Wiki
13Superstar (Instrumental)Oscar
14Love To Dance (Instrumental)Laurie
15Promised Land (7" Version)Tom Chelle