That's Eurobeat 43
1Let The Night AwayAndrea
2Kind Of LoveSodapops
3Fly Up In The SkyDolly大黒 Super Euro Night Vol. 01 〜前編〜
パラ☆セン Vol. 10
名古屋 Maharaja West 0
4Takin' A Chance (Radio Mix)Laurie
5Baby Don't CrySally Rendell中野新橋 Mellow Groove Para Para Menthol 1mg
6I Feel LoveE.C. JamesAcho Kaz 1
Acho Kaz 2
7Lonely TimeTutti Frutti
8My BodyMister Black
9Racing ManT.N.T.
10The Groove Of Your LoveCapo Chino!
11All Night LongRadiorama feat. MC Ya
12Do It Do It (Radio Mix)The Gangstars
13Hot For You (FM Edit)Chico Chico