That's Eurobeat 44
1Fooling With Your HeartLisa JohnsonXenon 2
Ronde Club 10
Ronde Club Extra
Xenon 30
Area 2
Area 2 (Green Label)
横浜 Maharaja 2
名古屋 King & Queen 1
名古屋 King & Queen 番外編 100曲100分 Special Video
名古屋 Maharaja West 0
名古屋 Maharaja West 望月 Edit
Kumiko With Super Saiyans Vol. 12
豊橋 King & Queen Vol. 3
岡崎 Maharaja 1
松山 Libera Zione Vol. 3
祇園 Maharaja Vol. 2
鈴鹿 Zaza Vol. 2
Super Free Vol. 3
府中 Ocean Spirits
大黒 Super Euro Night Vol. 00
伊勢崎 R☆STY With T-RREX Ultra Disco Party Vol. 2
前橋 King & Queen DJ Snoopy's Best
Xenon Zero 03
名古屋 Maharaja West 巻数不明 1
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 13
ParaPara Paradise 4
Hyper Star N.R.G パラパラサミット Non-Stop Para Para Mix30 Vol. 2 (赤パラ)
2If You Can Say GoodbyeBarbie Young
3Love You TonightPhil & Stan
4BreakdownStop Limit LineXenon 2
Area 2
Area 2 (Green Label)
横浜 Maharaja 3
名古屋 Virgo 緑 (Vol. 3)
府中 Ocean Spirits
前橋 King & Queen DJ Snoopy's Best
Xenon Zero 05
麻布十番 Maharaja Tokyo Para Para Video Vol. 1
Star Fire ParaPara Video Vol. 3
Neo ParaPara World 1
5Feel My Love TonightJerry Milk
6Gimme Your HeartSweet 'N' Sour
7Run To MeSodapops
8In ZaireRadiorama feat. MC Ya
9Mary AnnKen Laszlo
10Gonna Love YouTutti Frutti
11Nice And Slow (Radio Mix)Machismo
12Time Of Change (Radio Mix)Sara
13Beautiful Boy (Radio Mix)Asia Gang