ParaPara Cool 5
1Burn Burn Get My Fire (Extended Version)BoogabooFire Breaker 2
2Makka Makka (Extended Version)Garcon
3Sexy Wild & Crazy Sound (Extended Version)Laura VoxMasters Of Eurobeat (MOE) [唖然萌えパラ学園] 3
4Walk Like An Egyptian (Extended Version)Jeff Driller
5Bubble Gum (Extended Version)Nick & Samantha
6Sexy Toy, Sexy Joy (Extended Version)Jungle Bill
7Ride On Fire (Extended Version)Nick Turbo
8Dance Around The World (Extended Version)P. Stone
9Dead Or Alive (Extended Version)Fesutaru
10Rocket In My Pocket (Extended Version)Jeff Driller
11I Am Mister Blaster (Extended Version)Garcon
12Velfarre 10 (Extended Version)Franz Tornado
13Parapara Lemonade (Extended Version)Nikita Jr.Masters Of Eurobeat (MOE) [唖然萌えパラ学園] 3