Bazooka Girl & Friends
1Bazooka Girl (Extended Version)Bazooka Girl
2We Are The Teens (Extended Version)Tri-StarMasters Of Eurobeat (MOE) [唖然萌えパラ学園] 4 クラブ編
3Come On Baby Light My Fire (Extended Version)Ely Kotero
4Let The Dog Out (Extended Version)Mika La-Do
5Ike Ike 2009 (Extended Version)Bazooka Girl
6Hot Gal (Extended Version)Mara Nell
7Love Hotel (Extended Version)Nikita Jr.
8Save Me (Extended Version)Leslie HammondMasters Of Eurobeat (MOE) [唖然萌えパラ学園] 4 クラブ編
9Night And Day (Extended Version)Dolly Pop東北パラ死コ 1
月の宴 1
Super TMD 17
10Bad Gunfire (Extended Version)Laura VoxMasters Of Eurobeat (MOE) [唖然萌えパラ学園] 4 クラブ編
11Rumiringo Superstar (Extended Version)Hi-NRG All Stars
12Dancing With The Fire (Extended Version)Claudia Vip
13Money Funny Dollars (Extended Version)Bazooka Girl