Bazooka Angels 2
1Fire DesireFulvia Coupe新宿 Ravenous Vol. 5
2You Make Me Feel Like A Natural GirlMara NellEuro Town Revolution 10
伊勢崎 Luv Vol. 31
花鳥調舞 Vol. 4 -営業マン 人間ぢゃない-
岐阜 Inspiration Vol. 7
岡山 Paragy Moon ぱらむ~ Vol. 1
Unknown Jack & Betty Video
Maria Club PPR
仙台 Saba's Night サバ~ズナイト Vol. 1
3Over My DestinyMaddy Layne新宿 Ravenous Vol. 6
4I Need Your BodyMichelle Rose新宿 Ravenous Vol. 6
5Dance My Beat Of LoveLouiseEuro Town Paradise Vol. 007 -2007 Last Escape-
6I'm Gonna Crazy For YouDolly PopEuro Town Revolution 10
踊る MAHARAJah Vol. 1
岡山 J-West Vol. 2
7Welcome To The MoonSpace GirlsEuro Town Revolution 10
8Love Me TenderGiulietta SprintEuro Town Paradise Vol. 007 -2007 Last Escape-
9Tell It To My HeartBaby GoldSuper TMD 27
Euro Town Revolution 14
10RenegadoMara NellEuro Town Revolution 10
花鳥調舞 Vol. 2 -壁-
Boom Boom Bazooka 1
岐阜 Inspiration Vol. 2
長崎 ParaPara Fantasy 3rd Collection
11Stop Baby StopMaddy Layne
12Ciao Ciao My Golden BoyJee Bee新宿 Ravenous Vol. 6