Eurobeat Anthems
1Anthem (Extended Version)Nick Turbo Music Machine
2Pet-O-Man (Extended Version)Jeff Driller
3Get My Crazy Cat (Extended Version)Ely Kotero
4Stuka (Extended Version)Franz "Von Kartoffen" Tornado & The Bombardier Girls
5Hot Dog (Extended Version)Bazooka Girl
6Lanceloto Play My Koto (Extended Version)Franz Tornado & The Knights Of The Squared Table
7Mad Dog (Extended Version)Joe Banana
8Bang Bang Lady Night (Extended Version)Baby GoldMasters Of Eurobeat (MOE) [唖然萌えパラ学園] 4 クラブ編
9Chicken Boy (Extended Version)Nikita Jr.
10Wroom Wroom Supercar (Extended Version)Black Eva
11Si La Do (Extended Version)Pistol Girl