Eurobeat Flash 04
1Technotronic Flight (Extended Version)Princess F.
2This Is Para Para (On Stage Mix)Live Music Gang
3Call Me Manuelle (Extended Version)Lady Energy
4Break Down The Crime (Extended Version)Steve Tempest
5Paradise (Extended Version)Lisa Johnsonパラパラ速報 1
6You Catch My Broken Heart (Extended Version)Baby Gold
7Loose Your Fantasy (Extended Version)Nikka Hollywood
8I Want Your Fire (Extended Version)Cy-Ro
9Friends In The Name Of Love (Extended Version)Leslie Hammond
10Black Vampire (Extended Version)Dolly Pop
11Telephone (Extended Version)Les Blue BellesSuper TMD 00
パラパラ速報 1
12Beautiful (Extended Version)Joe D. Toaster
13Dancing In The Jungle (Samantha's Extended Version)Nikita Jr.Xenon 18