That's Eurobeat 07
1Meet My Friend (Remix)Eddy Huntington
2Take A ChanceMalcolm J. Hillパラ☆セン Vol. 1
名古屋 Club Gaia Vol. 4
Maharaja Sendai
Rave Jupiter 6
3LoveGipsy & Queen
4Haunted HouseAngie Gold
5Upside DownCoo Coo前橋 King & Queen DJ Snoopy's Best
道玄坂 5
First & Final
金沢 King & Queen 1
富山 Come Back 80's Vol. 2
Maharaja Sendai
仙台 Never Ultra Euro Night Vol. 3
6Black OutAleph
7Hopes And Dreams (Remix The Rimini Beach Version)Albert One
8Meet My Friend (The Clash Boys Mix)Eddy Huntington
9Meet My Friend (Remix Instrumental)Eddy Huntington
10Take A Chance (Dub Version)Malcolm J. Hill
11Upside Down (Crazy Version)Coo Coo
12Love (Dub Version)Gipsy & Queen