Super TMD 23
1Ice Cream (U Scream)Scream Team???
2Running To The NightNuage???
3Get Me Burning UpDonna???
4Go Go's And The MonkeysGo Go Girls???
6Eclipse Of Your LoveHappy Hours???
7Take Me Take MeAlexis???
8Listen To MeNorma Sheffield???
9CrazyRobbie Grain???
10Let's Go, Come OnManuel???
12Waiting For My LoveMike West???
13Mazinger Go!Jimmy Bravo???
14Heat Of The NightDavid "Off"???
15SuperfantasticoMatt Land???
16Don't Let Me Love DisappearNewfield-Moroni-Sinclaire???
17BazoocowFranz Tornado???
18Never Gonna Give You UpKevin Johnson???