Super Eurobeat 186 Disc 1: The Latest Tracks Of SEB
1Let's Go Wild!NikoNeo SEN N-11
パラれる World Vol. 35
2NightshadeMelody & Mezzoザ☆ミーハー 21
3Tokyo Strike ForceNick TurboNeo SEN N-10
SEF DX 004
パラれる World Vol. 31
4AdrenalineManuelNeo SEN N-10
ラブ☆スタ vol. -零-
Super Eurobeat 190
パラれる World Vol. 31
絵~エマダラ~斑 Vol. 5
5Another PassionLinda長崎 Black List Vol. 7
6Time To Say GoodbyeBrian Ice
7Round Round RoundStella
8Running FireAce Warrior
9Bang Bang Crashing Of The Boom BoomCiao Ciao長崎 Black List Vol. 3
SEF DX 004
パラれる World Vol. 30
10In The Fire Of VictoryAceザ☆ミーハー 21
11Love And Passion 2008Vanessa
12People Like DancingMega NRG Man
13Hey HeyNuage知立 ぢんぢん Night Vol. 2
14ParadiseBea午後のユーロ 2
15Big Bad And Hot LoveLeslie ParrishEuro Town Paradise ~2nd Season~ Vol. 2
16Rock N RollMark FarinaNeo SEN N-10
Super Eurobeat 190
パラれる World Vol. 30
17Rebel YellCherryザ☆ミーハー 21
18I Love My DogVivi知立 ぢんぢん Night Vol. 2
Super Eurobeat 186 Disc 2: The Best Of SEB Remixes Vol. 04
1Super Rider (Y&Co. Remix)Mark Astley
2Yes I Will (New Generation Remix)Cherry
3Shanghai (DJ Gun Remix)The Factory Team
4Overdrive (DJ Ken-Bow Remix)Fastway
5Yeah! (Porno Star Remix)Christine