That's Eurobeat 17
1Hot StuffAlphatown湾岸王 Special
2First TimeChris
3Love & PassionGipsy & Queen湾岸王 Special
青山 King & Queen
道玄坂 4
Neo Discotheque 4
名古屋 King & Queen Dance Classic Special Video
Eric Ross 1
仙台 Saba's Night サバ~ズナイト Vol. 1
Maharaja Sendai
4Bachelor BoySteve Bread
5One DaySuperlove
6September (Remix)Out Of Rems
7Give Your HeartKiwi & Tess
8Yeah YeahCindy
9Generation (Single Version)Machismo
10Deep In My Heart (Single Version)Sodapops
11Fire With Fire (Single Version)Capo Chino!
12I'm In You (Single Version)Wiki Wiki
13Sing Na Na Na (Single Version)Tutti Frutti