The ParaPara Paradise video series is one of the most famous commercial ParaPara video series. It first appeared at the height of the 3rd boom in 2000 and ended near the end of it in 2002. It featured an idol group called the ParaPara Allstars (PPA), comprised of Maki, Tomomi (until Volume 4), Richie, Satoko, Ryoko, and Miho. To this day, the PPA members are considered some of the best modern ParaPara dancers. The PPA introduced clean movements to the scene in contrast to the "dirty," or less-fluid, movements of the 2nd boom (1994-1996).

Most of the videos have a heavy influence by the club Twinstar, the most famous club that held ParaPara events in the 3rd boom. Almost all of the songs in the series were choreographed by members of that club.

All videos in the series were released both on VHS and DVD.

While the the video series shares a similar name to the popular Konami game, the only relations to the video game are the Twinstar choreography background, some clips from Volume 1, and some of the PPA dancers being in some of the song videos.

Video Series List

ParaPara Paradise
ParaPara Paradise 12000-02-23VHSAvex Trax
ParaPara Paradise 22001-01-24DVDAvex Trax
ParaPara Paradise 32001-04-25DVDAvex Trax
ParaPara Paradise 42001-08-29DVDAvex Trax
ParaPara Paradise 52001-11-28DVDAvex Trax
ParaPara Paradise 62002-03-27DVDAvex Trax
ParaPara Paradise 72002-07-24DVDAvex Trax
ParaPara Paradise presents J-Euro ParaPara2001-09-27DVDAvex Trax
ParaPara Paradise presents ガッチャ! ラフ君 with ASH2001-10-17DVDAvex Trax