Super Eurobeat 121
1Hyper Star EnergyD.Essex
3One Night In BangkokTriumph
4I Don't Wanna Be Your LoveRobbie Grain
5One DayBrian Ice
6Don't Let Me DownTime Force
7SummerNiki Niki
8Sexy Hi Sexy EyesLolita
9StrongerDavid "Off"
10Forever MineNorma Sheffield
12Dedicated To YouLeslie Parrish
13Radio TokyoMr. M
14High On DevotionLisa Bee
15Express LoveMega NRG ManSuper TMD 01
16Shibuya GirlVicky Vale道玄坂 3
Super TMD 01
17Fight Fire With FirePowerful T.
18From Japan To ItalyA-Beat Friends