That's Eurobeat 40 Disc 1:
1Don't Break My Heart24 Hours
2GenerateMichael Fortunati
3Waiting For YouWiki Wiki
4Love Is AllJerry Milk
5Feel So GoodGipsy & Queen
6We're Gonna Be BetterThe Gangstars
7Get BackE. Layne
8Take Me On UpMichael Fortunati
9Eat You Up (1993 Mix)Angie Gold
10Shy BoyDolly前橋 King & Queen DJ Snoopy's Best
11Don't Cry TonightLogic Mind
12Gimme Your BodyOscar
13Come To MeStop Limit Line
14Let The Music PlayChip Chip
15Electric ManLe Ferrari
16ExcitedBarbie Young
17Let's GoRamone
18AfrikaAsia Gang
19Pretty LoverMel 'O'
20Passion Of FireMax & Company
That's Eurobeat 40 Disc 2: Best 20 Bonus CD
1Never Fall In Love AgainRose湾岸王 Special
2Time After TimePhil & Stan
3Baby No!F.C.F.
4No ControlF.C.F.
5I Wanna StopSuperlove
6Don't Say GoodbyeMoltocarina
7Bang A BoomerangLes Blue Belles
8Tell Me I'm The OneVirginEurobeat Techno Maniac
9Get Into ActionGipsy & Queen名古屋 JB's Vol. 0
Eric Ross 1
Maharaja Sendai
10JumpLisa Johnson湾岸道 Vol. 1 関東湾岸伝説
Eric Ross 2
Eric Ross 1
11Pretty BabeAngelo Maria Morales湾岸道 Vol. 4
Eurobeat Techno Maniac
12New LoveJenny Kee
13Heart To HeartAlphatown
14Dai Dai DaiMark Farina
15GunfireMark Farina湾岸王 Special
前橋 King & Queen DJ Snoopy's Best
Super TMD 10 Secret Wind Version
鈴鹿 Zaza なつかしのユーロビート
名古屋 King & Queen Dance Classic Special Video
仙台 Never Ultra Euro Night Vol. 3
Maharaja Sendai
16Cha Cha Cha ChaMark Farina湾岸王 Special
Maharaja Sendai
17The Loco-MotionKylie Minogue
18I Should Be So LuckyKylie Minogue大黒 Super Euro Night 4
湾岸道 Vol. 4
19Got To Be CertainKylie Minogue大黒 Super Euro Night 3
湾岸道 Vol. 4
20Turn It Into LoveKylie Minogue湾岸道 Vol. 4