Super Eurobeat Presents Cherry Special Collection
1DJ Baam! Baam! Play The Boom! Boom! (Extended Version)Cherry
2Bye Bye Goodbye (Extended Version)Cherry
3One Day Queen (To Diana) (Extended Version)Cherry
4When I Close My Eyes (Extended Version)Cherry
5Make Me Believe (Extended Version)Cherry
6I Can't Stay Without Your Love (Extended Version)CherrySuper TMD 32
7Every Beat Of Your Heart (Extended Version)Cherryザ☆ミーハー 03
Masters Of Eurobeat (MOE) [唖然萌えパラ学園] 4 クラブ編
8Keep On Loving You (Extended Version)Cherry
9Go Say Goal (Extended Version)Morris & Cherry
10Go! Save Goal! (Extended Version)Morris & Cherry
11Bang Bang (Extended Version)Cherryザ☆ミーハー 07
12She's All Right (Extended Version)CherrySuper TMD 35
13Yesterday (Extended Version)Cherry