Eurobeat Masters 05
1Cyberdance Technotrance (Extended Version)Marko Polo
2Sex And Love (Extended Version)Mad Max
3Happy Phantom (Extended Version)Kevin Johnson & Cherry
4Someone To Love (Extended Version)Denise
5Lonely (Extended Version)Kevin Johnson
6One More Time (Extended Version)Sara東北パラ死コ 1
7Time To Go (Extended Version)Delta Queens
8Tokyo Fever (Extended Version)Marko PoloSuper TMD 06
9Revolution (Extended Version)Pizza GirlMasters Of Eurobeat (MOE) [唖然萌えパラ学園] 1
午後のユーロ 2
10Looking For Love (Extended Version)Kevin Johnson
11Without Your Love (Extended Version)Starlett
12Tonight (Extended Version)Delta QueensNew Majest 1