Super Eurobeat 021
1Dancing In The FireThe Big Brother大黒 Super Euro Night Vol. 01 〜前編〜
湾岸王 Special
横浜 Maharaja Para Para Night Vol. 9
青山 King & Queen
2Wild LoveSandy BeeEurobeat Techno Maniac
3Call MeQueen Of Times湾岸王 Special
4Slam Flash BeautyBlond Beauty
5Dance 4 LoveMike Skanner湾岸王 Special
青山 King & Queen
道玄坂 2
横浜 Maharaja Para Para Night Vol. 9
6Give Me A Little ChanceRobert Patton
7Dance Is BackGroove Twins
8Give Me LoveAnnalise湾岸王 Special
9Ring Ring RingAlitha
10I've Got This FeelingAngie DaviesEurobeat Techno Maniac
11Hey Hey GuyJean Corraine
12Don't Give UpRobert Stone湾岸王 Special
青山 King & Queen
道玄坂 2
takaビ Vol. 5