Euromach 12
1Caballero With SombreroFranz Tornado & Bazooka Girl
2California GirlMote Mote
3ParaPara AllstarsVolta & Gabbana
5Party GirlKika
6Too Smart To Get My HeartGiulietta SprintMajest 4
7Wannabe My Dreamy ValentineDoll Sisters
8Sexy Love BananaEly KoteroBoom Boom Bazooka 3
9Snake DanceKiki & Kika
11Gimme The WorldSusan BellSuper TMD 24
12Come TogetherJulia BlackmoreSuper TMD 24
13My Little GirlRick Castle
14Trust Me NowValentina
15Walking To My LifeMr. Mザ☆ミーハー 04
Super TMD 04
16Nothing To LooseVicky ValeSuper TMD 04
17Traffic In My BedBaby Gold月の宴 1
18Stop That Music, Stop The FireMara Nell
19Superman Macho ManDolly Pop
20Sexy Lover Sexy NightLolitaMajest 4
21King Of The NightmaresAce Warrior
22In The Sky, In Your SoulNick Mansell
24Big BrotherFastway
25Baby FrankenstainRiki 1