Super Eurobeat Presents Ace Special Collection 1
1Play The Music (Extended Version)Ace
2Open Your Eyes (Extended Version)AceSuper TMD 01
ザ☆ミーハー 04
3Don't Go (Extended Version)AceMajest 1
4Dynamite (Extended Version)Ace
5Take My Breath Away (Extended Version)Ace
6TV Hero (Extended Version)AceSuper TMD 05
7Don't Stop The Dance (Extended Version)AceSuper TMD 09
8Welcome To The Real World (Extended Version)Ace
9Breakin' Out (Extended Version)AceMasters Of Eurobeat (MOE) [唖然萌えパラ学園] 3
10Crazy Sexy Baby (Extended Version)Ace
11Moonchild (Extended Version)Ace
12Fantasista! (Extended Version)Ace月の宴 1