Euromach 11
224 Hours A Day With YouAce Warrior
3She's My Baby ChevroletPecos Drill
4Rock N' DollsLou Lou Marina
5Boys On FireSpace Girls
6My Love RomanceLouise
7Little Crazy BabyNorma Sheffield
8Till The End Of TimeChristine
9A Little GoodbyeSusan Bell
10People Come On!Eurobeat Girls
11Around The UniverseVanilla
12Too Many Lovers Night And DayJinko Sbilenko
13Good TimeLillySuper TMD 09
14Highway StarMike West
15When I Fall In LoveKara MellSuper TMD 09
16I Want Your Kiss BoyGo Go Girls道玄坂 3
Super TMD 04
17Sugar Baby Love MeLolita
18Eurobeat Beat BoomKiki & Kika
19Come TogetherMartina Dry
20Mister RobinsonBazooka Girl
21Baby Come OnBabby One
22Hey, You!Lucya
23Spirit Of The NightNick Mansell
24Open Your EyesAceSuper TMD 01
ザ☆ミーハー 04
25Franz TornadoMad CowMajest 2