Super TMD 19
1Me, Myself & IChristine???
2Sunshine In Your EyesDave & Domino???
3We'll See HeavenDigital Planet???
4Livin' On A PrayerNiko???
5Never Give Up (In The Name Of Love)Kevin Johnson???
6I Can Feel YouSusy Wender???
7Don't You Forget My LoveAlexis???
8Cocoa BillBaby Bazooka???
9Forever YoungSymbol???
10Raising LoveMega NRG ManSuper Eurobeat Presents Mega NRG Man Special Collection 4
11Lovely TangoHelena???
12Wake Me UpKing & Queen???
13I Wanna Be The NightChris T.???
14Fool For Your LovingJean Love???
16I'll Be LiveBaby Gold???
17You And MeRose???
18Suddenly YouNorma Sheffield???
19Boom Boom Boom Boom (Eurobeat Mix)Vengaboys???
20You Really Are The Man I LoveKaren???
21I Like You So MuchNorma Sheffield???
22Love Is My ParadiseHelena???
23Play The GameLeila???
24If You Only FeelKaren???
25I Love You Like You AreValentina???
26Maybe ToniteNorma Sheffield???
27Lonely LoveSophie???
28This TimeDerreck Simons???